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From symposia and tavernae in ancient Greece and Rome to enoteca, bouchons, bodegas and tascas, the wine bar has been a societal staple throughout history. Yet, it’s really only been in the last few decades that wine bars as we know them today have mushroomed, acting as spaces for wine enthusiasts to experiment and learn about wine.

South Africa, known for its exceptional wine culture and boasting over 2500 wine brands, has fervently embraced the wine bar trend, as wine has turned from an exclusive activity reserved for the few, to a mainstream social experience. With South Africa’s diverse terroir, global icons, and experimental small batches, wine bars act as a bridge between oenophiles seeking a unique and immersive experience and all that our winelands — and those of the world — have to offer.

The mark of a truly great wine bar is more than merely creating the right ambiance, having knowledgeable staff, or serving wine in the correct glassware (though we cannot deny their importance). Really, it’s about the selection. At Belthazar, we pride ourselves on the individuality and the intelligence of our wine list, showcasing local treasures, cult classics, natural wave makers and rare bottles.

Whether you’re looking for a date night or post work hangout, with over 200 wines by the glass to choose from, Belthazar, as Cape Town’s original wine bar in a now thriving scene, remains a haven for all those seeking a vast array of flavours and the opportunity to revel in the artistry of wine.

03 June 2023

Belthazar Wine Editor

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