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There are few things as pleasurable as a fresh succulent side of fish dissolving in your mouth. It conjures up the crashing waves and rising tides, perfectly paired with the mineral pinch of a crisp white wine. There is an unquestionably powerful draw to the ocean, even primal. It is a profound life force and integral to our shared human connection. Hugged by the warm Mozambican current, South Africa’s 3000km of coastline flows towards Cape Agulhas, rounds the Cape of Storms and traces the cool Benguela current as it ends at the arid Namibian border. South African waters are teaming with a unique diversity of species, but, as in the rest of the world, faces a monumental challenge with seafood security.

At Belthazar we take our responsibility towards preserving the legacy of our seafood resources by conforming to the guidelines set by the WWF South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative. Our fishmongers take the greatest care to source the freshest seafood with the planet in mind.

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