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If there is one cut of beef that is all the rage around the world today, it is Picanha. Hailing from Brazil – where it is an integral part of their barbecue culture – it is also known as pointe de culotte in France – a reference to the knicker-like triangular shape. Its allure is obvious. A fat cover on the rump cap locks in succulence and promotes an elegant mouthfeel. Its proximity to the hip bone imparts a complex gamey flavour while its position on the rump provides velvety tenderness. Though it first appeared in South Africa a few years ago, it had not found its way onto steakhouse menus until Belthazar popularised it. Owner Ian Halfon explains: “Although fillet is wildly popular, Picanha has the same level of tenderness but with the bonus of much more flavour… and is for me personally more enjoyable.” 

However, serving the perfect cut of Picanha requires scientific and artistic mastery. Belthazar’s Picanha comes from AAA-grade grain-fed Karan Beef with optimal pH levels to allow for the development of bold flavours after 4 – 6 weeks of ageing. Consistent quality is further enhanced by monitoring and preserving the cold chain – a consistently cool temperature from farm to grill. At Belthazar meat is aged in their specially designed meat chiller in a range of 2 – 2.5 C °, after which in-house master butchers trim, prepare and portion each cut in airtight vacuum bags, opened to order.

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