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Throughout history, wine and passion have been intertwined. Ancient cultures demonstrated this by crafting beautiful wine vessels. The Anatolian Hittites kept their wines in ornate jugs while winemakers in Georgia have stored theirs underground in Qvevri for centuries, whereas the Etruscans brought a culture of wine from Asia into Tuscany, ageing their wines in clay amphorae. Today, Belthazar, named after the “lord of treasures”, shares its love of wine by serving all of them in Riedel crystal stemware to showcase the style, variety and region.

No matter its vessel, the spirit of making wine has always been about sharing. As the story goes in Greek mythology, Dionysus (the god of wine) taught his lover Aphrodite (the goddess of love and beauty) how to cultivate grapes. Wine has always been a labour of love.

Poets like Pablo Neruda and Kahlil Gibran have written about the ancient connection between wine and love, highlighting the importance of keeping wine as natural as possible. In homage to all lovers and poets, we have selected a special Valentine’s Day Pét-Nat. This lightly sparkling rosé is made according to the méthode ancestrale where primary fermentation is completed naturally in the bottle. It’s a refreshing and vivacious wine, filled to the brim with summer berries and pomegranate.