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While the French might not have been eating côte de boeuf or steak frites thousands of years ago, we do know they’ve been dining on Limousin beef for 20 000 years, as evidenced by cave drawings near Montignac, France. Originating in the harsh climatic conditions of central France in the province of Limousin, the cattle evolved into a breed of unusual sturdiness, health and adaptability. Moreover, their lack of natural resources kept the cattle relatively isolated with little outside genetic interference. Today, Limousin beef is considered one of the best breeds for steak — from top chefs and butchers to the connoisseurs and meat lovers. Very finely marbled with less fat than many other types of beef, the Limousin is lean, tender, and full of flavour. In South Africa, we produce Limousin beef from a single origin near Wellington in the Western Cape, where the cattle are free-range, grass-fed, and hormone-free. Belthazar is proud to announce that it carries certified Cape Limousin beef in its impressive stable of sustainably sourced beef.

Perhaps in contrast, Wagyu beef boasts one of the most intense marbling structures — thin streaks of fat dispersed evenly throughout the meat. This fat has a lower melting point, giving Wagyu beef its signature buttery mouthfeel and incredibly rich flavour. The term Wagyu refers to all Japanese beef cattle, as wa means “Japanese” and gyu means “cow”, but the most famous breeds come from Kobe, Ohmi, and here in South Africa, the Karoo. “Wagyu is produced completely differently to other cattle,” says Org du Plessis one of the farmers leading the way in Karoo Wagyu, emphasising a natural approach, where quality and compassion meet. Known for its elegant flavour and tenderness, Karoo Wagyu beef is arguably the most prized beef in South Africa.

Another cattle breed known for its high marble content is Angus beef, possibly the most popular beef in the world. Hailing from Scotland, Angus beef is succulent, full-flavoured and highly regarded for its tenderness. Because they are highly adaptable, Angus and Wagyu are often cross bred giving meat lovers the best of both worlds.

It takes a trained eye to perfectly grill a steak. “There’s no silver bullet,” says Belthazar owner Ian Halfon. “Skills acquired through years of butchery and grilling experience is the only way,” he adds. Fortunately, Belthazar has that in abundance. The cut and type of cattle has a significant impact on grilling and flavour. Larger, leaner species like Limousin require extended, even heat to produce the best flavour and texture. “While it takes a little more time, the result is absolute perfection. Limousin meat is relatively lean but is packed with gamier flavours you might find in Karoo lamb,” says Belthazar’s head chef Sherwyn Rayners. Highly marbled breeds like Wagyu, on the other hand, require a short burst of intense heat and are blessed with amazing mouthfeel and tenderness.

No matter the cattle breed, origin or cut at Belthazar we can guarantee you the most flavourful, sustainable, and ethically farmed beef.

The true skill in serving the perfectly grilled Cape Rock Lobster lies in accentuating its delicate natural flavours. “This takes expert sourcing, precision, attention to detail and an intimate understanding of this wonderful ingredient,” says Belthazar owner Ian Halfon. After meticulously cleaning and butterflying the lobster, it is brushed with a marinade of olive oil, lemon, butter and seasoning, after which it is rested to allow the marinate to penetrate the flesh. It is then grilled flesh-side down on a flat top grill for 5-7 minutes (depending on size) until the flesh turns opaque. “The critical thing is to respect the product and avoid overcooking. You must preserve the succulence, tenderness and subtle flavours,” says head chef Sherwyn Rayners.

After brushing with the marinade again, the lobster is finished off under the salamander or in a combi-steamer for larger lobsters. At Belthazar you can enjoy your Lobster on its own with our signature lemon butter, peri-peri or garlic butter sauces, or as part of 5 seafood platters on offer.

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