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It’s almost impossible to predict the next best thing. While pork belly was once so popular that it was traded on the Chicago stock exchange and Parma ham is a renowned cultural delicacy in Italy, pork ribs have traditionally been seen as off cuts, removed before shipping in the 19th century to save space. Since then, pork ribs have risen in popularity and acclaim with baby back ribs being all the rage today.

Pork belly ribs are delicacies reserved for those in the know – which you can find at Belthazar, along with beef short ribs, cut from the forequarter in ribs 5-8, just below the famous Chicago cut (a bone-in rib eye). With a knack for being ahead of the curve, Belthazar pioneered a 6-week aged rib-eye as its signature steak, and soon went on to be named South Africa’s top steakhouse. Before that, most only offered fillet, sirloin, rump and T-bone – rib-eye was often passed off as Scotch fillet. Now, rib-eye is on every steakhouse menu in town.

Belthazar continues to lead the way in reviving once popular but forgotten culinary treasures. “In addition to provenance and finest quality, the secret to serving the perfect rack of ribs lies in how they are prepared,” says Ian Halfon, owner of Belthazar. Beef short ribs are slow-aged for four weeks at 2 degrees in our temperature controlled chiller to produce an elegant bite. Both pork belly and beef short ribs are steamed and then rested in a unique marinade formulated to achieve optimal succulence. After marination they are chargrilled while brushed with our signature basting. To amplify flavour and improve mouthfeel, ribs are then dressed with our homemade barbecue sauce before serving. The result is juicy, meltingly delicious, and intensely flavoured ribs that have become firm crowd pleasers at Belthazar.



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