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You wouldn’t think to look at its arid landscape, but the Karoo is known as the heartland of South Africa’s finest meat, gaining an almost mythical status and fanatical following for its lamb, ostrich and beef. Now, it’s about Karoo Wagyu, Japanese cattle that have a history in Japan as old as rice.

The Du Plessis family are leading the way, knowing that Karoo Wagyu is where quality and compassion meet. “Wagyu is produced completely differently to other cattle,” says Org du Plessis, emphasising a natural approach. Known for its elegant flavour due to intense marbling and tenderness, Karoo Wagyu beef is arguably the most prized beef in South Africa.

Experience the taste of this unlikely, yet splendid, cultural match. Try the Karoo Wagyu rump, bavette or sirloin cuts aged and grilled to perfection at Belthazar.

Belthazar procures only the highest quality beef that is dry or wet aged for up to 40 days in its custom-built meat chiller. The unique maturation process enhances the flavour intensity, mouthfeel, and tenderness to deliver a memorable dining experience.

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